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Natural history is one of the broadest research fields in the academic world. The study focuses on the historical progress made in the group of natural sciences that eventually influenced disciplines like biology, medicine, technology, science and even art.

While the first attempts to study the natural history have been recorded in ancient civilizations, the major breakthroughs have been made from the 18th century onwards. It was then that humans first felt the need to exhibit the results of their studies in a more tangible form, which included real artifacts and archeological records.

These were the first visiting galleries and acted as the adult entertainment platforms of the era, where people could come and exchange impressions and even connect with each other in a new and exciting way. We are talking, of course, of what eventually became today’s natural history museums. Here are just a few of the best such establishments in the world.

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If you want to see a Tyrannosaurus Rex with your very own eyes, then you should definitely pay a visit to the Field Museum in Chicago. This is the home of the largest and best-preserved fossils from one of the most ferocious predators that has ever lived.

Staying at home, chatting on Live Sex Cams at is sure to offer you an exciting form of entertainment, but it surely does not compare to witnessing unique and rare pieces of history displayed at this excellent-curated museum. One of the main attractions for most visitors is an inventive display that shows you how your name would have looked written in hieroglyphs.

Ancient fossils have found a good home and plenty of admirers in another North American establishment: The American Museum of National History in New York. No less than a million specimens attract visitors from all over the world, who come from various fields that range from the academic world to the adult industry. People just cannot get enough of the spectacular galleries showcased here.

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The list of impressive natural history museums could not be complete without Europe’s biggest collections displayed at Florence’s University, founded in 1775 and at London’s National History Museum. While the former hosts rare Aztec artifacts, the latter focuses on the environment and the link between humans and nature.

Both offer various entertaining options to their visitors, much like the Live Sex Cams, where no curiosity remains unsatisfied.

Other countries have recently developed a taste for displaying their studies and results in their own natural history museums. As it is the case, China, Denmark, Canada and South Africa have also invested heavily in such institutions.

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